Use inspection data for repairs

Armed with the information from the inspection, you can now create a scope of work for repairs and renovations right from your inspection report.

Home Rehab Tool

Our in house rehab tool allows you to scope projects using evidence identified during the inspection. Choose between our industry repair estimates, or upload your own price sheet.

All changes made to the project are tracked and timestamped, so that you may collaborate with internal and external teams.

Repair Estimates

Included with your report is a repair estimate to help evaluate the cost to repair deficiencies found during the inspection.

Our in-house team gathers insights on labor and material prices to estimate the cost of repairs based on the size and severity of an issue.

Buying a home? Use our non-bias estimation to help negotiate before closing!

It’s more than just a home inspection and we provide more than just a report. Try out our Rehab Tool today!