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Inspectify has you covered for the entire lifecycle of your property! Our services and suite of products enable you to capture data and identify concerns—helping turn issues into opportunities.

Customized to fit your inspection needs

Whether you’re buying a single property, building a community, or managing an entire portfolio, Inspectify has the services and tools to help you collect the necessary data and manage repairs.

We understand that pre-packaged inspections don’t always meet the unique needs of buyers, investors, lenders, and property managers. We’ll work with you to discover what inspection data is most valuable and help you collect it at scale.

Inspection services we offer

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Home inspection

General inspection of the entire property – interior and exterior – for safety and current condition. This type of inspection can take up to 3 hours.

Rent ready inspection

An assessment of a rental property to ensure the condition of the property, including any necessary repairs and functionality of appliances and utilities.

Draw inspection

Verify construction progress to ensure that the work completed aligns with the payment schedule specified in the construction loan agreement.

New build inspection

Identifying defects in construction or materials to ensure the new construction is safe, structurally sound, and meets expectations.

Sewer scope

A specialized camera visually inspects the condition and identifies any potential issues, such as cracks, blockages, or tree root intrusions.

Septic inspection

An evaluation of a septic system’s tanks, pipes, and drainage field to determine whether the system is functioning properly.

Termite inspection

An evaluation of a property's structure to determine the presence or absence of termites or other wood-destroying organisms.

Move-in inspection

Inspection of a rental unit documenting existing damages or issues, helping to avoid disputes with landlords over security deposits when the lease ends.

Move-out inspection

Assessment comparing the condition of the property to that at move-in, to see if any repairs or deductions from the security deposit are necessary.

Wholesale inspection

A cost-effective way to evaluate investment opportunities, and identify any significant issues that impact the value or profitability of the properties.

Scope of work inspections

Evaluations conducted on construction projects to ensure that the work being done aligns with the agreed-upon scope of work or project plan.

Drive by inspections

A quick visual evaluation and documentation of a property that are conducted from the street or curb, without entering the property.

Townhouse inspection

These inspections are similar to traditional home inspections, but with a focus on the unique characteristics and features of townhouse properties.

Condo inspection

These inspections are similar to traditional home inspections, but focus on a condo’s unique features, amenities, and shared spaces.

Multi-family inspection

Evaluations conducted on residential properties that contain more than one living unit, such as duplexes, triplexes, or apartment buildings.

Roof inspection

The inspector evaluates the roof's materials, structure, and drainage system to determine whether the roof is functioning properly.

Mold inspection

Evaluation of the interior and exterior of the property for any signs of mold growth, including visible mold, musty odors, and water stains.

Pool inspection

Evaluation of a property's swimming pool and associated equipment to determine their condition and identify any potential issues.

Foundation inspection

Examination of the foundation for signs of damage or deterioration, such as cracks, settling, or shifting and to ensure it is stable and level.

Radon testing

Test for radon, a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is naturally occurring and can accumulate to dangerous levels indoors.

Wind mitigation

An inspection assessing the ability of a home to withstand strong winds and hurricanes, identifying weaknesses and improvements to help reduce damage.

Meth inspection

The inspector will collect samples from surfaces and air to test for the presence of methamphetamine and other hazardous chemicals.

Appliance inspection

Inspectify OCR tech captures data tags on major appliances including make, model, serial #, manufacturer data, expected life, and recall status.

2D floor plans

A floor plan is captured to help plan for renovations. They can also be used to market to potential buyers or tenants to visualize the layout.

Major systems plus

Evaluates condition of fundamental systems: plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and roofing, to identify potential issues impacting safety and functionality.

Mid-lease inspection

Inspection allows landlords and tenants to assess condition, identify maintenance or repair needs, and address any disputes or concerns.

Walk inspection

A brief property assessment to quickly evaluate the condition, identify any potential issues, and decide whether to further inspect or to make an offer.

Pre-HOA inspection

Assessment of a property in a planned community or HOA, identifying any potential issues or non-compliance with HOA rules and regulations.

HOA inspection

Assessment for HOAs to ensure compliance with community rules and regulations, such as maintenance and upkeep of common areas.


Conducted after an initial inspection to verify that requested repairs have been made, ensuring compliance with contractual agreements.

Experience inspection

In-depth inspection, typically on luxury or short-term rental homes, to include additional items such as fire pits, pools, TVs, wi-fi, and more.

Punch list inspection

Discovering remaining issue that are compiled into a "punch list" that must be completed before the project can be considered officially finished.

Appraisal hybrid inspection

A general home inspection is performed by a licensed inspector and then reviewed by an appraiser to produce the property appraisal.

Extended inspection

Beyond the standard home inspection, including additional testing and analysis to provide a more detailed understanding of condition.

Due-diligence inspection

An in-depth understanding of a property's condition, potential risks, and value, to the decision-making process on purchase value.

Portfolio inspection

Assessment for owners of multiple properties to evaluate the condition of holdings, identify issues or maintenance, and prioritize repairs.

Qualification inspection

Provides buyers with a comprehensive assessment of a property's condition and identifying any potential issues that may need to be addressed.

Winterization inspection

The purpose of this inspection is to prepare the property for the challenges and potential hazards that winter weather may bring.

Acquisition inspection

Inspection on distressed properties with focus on potential problems and estimating the cost to make the property habitable or profitable.

On-market vacant inspection

An inspection to identify any issues or necessary repairs prior to listing the property, increasing the likelihood of a smooth and successful sale.

Property management

Ensures that tenants are meeting their obligations under the lease agreement, while also identifying any maintenance or repair needs.

Build to rent inspection

Inspection on properties intended to be rented out, ensuring that the building meets the necessary safety and quality standards before tenants move in.

Build to rent re-inspection

Conducted after an initial inspection to verify that requested repairs have been made, ensuring compliance with contractual agreements.

Progress check inspection

Ensure that work is progressing according to plan and identify any potential issues that need to be addressed.

Home purchase inspection

A thorough inspection of a property's major systems and components during a home sale.

Lease renewal

Typically conducted when a tenant and a landlord consider renewing the lease agreement for a rental property.

Occupancy check

Refers to a process in which a property is inspected to determine whether it is currently occupied. 

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