Inspection reports that are consistent and reliable

We provide the first tech-based solution that standardizes and streamlines the property inspection report, resulting in consistent and comprehensive inspections every time.

Take your pick of data formats

Your inspection report can be consumed in a variety of formats depending on your needs. You will have the ability to view the interactive web report, view and download a pdf or csv file, or save all of the report’s images in a convenient zip file.

Floor plan capture

Our inspectors can capture 2D floor plans of the home to use when planning renovations or upgrades. Floor plans help visualize changes that may impact the home’s layout to ensure renovations are feasible.

Additionally, floor plans are great for marketing the house for sale or rent. Prospective Home Owners can view the floor plan to determine if the home will meet their needs.

Appliance data insights

We can provide appliance level data with your inspection report by capturing the serial number, make, and model of the home’s appliance. With this information, you can easily identify when your appliances need maintenance or repairs, pinpoint areas for energy efficiency improvements, and even locate cost-saving opportunities.

Track appliance data to identify and fix potential issues before they become major problems to keep your investment in top condition.

API integration

Inspectify's tech stack is fully available via API. By integrating with Inspectify, your business can automate the inspection process, reduce manual data entry, save time, and minimize the risk of errors.

Feeding data from the inspection directly into your systems increases efficiency through automation, helping reduce personnel time and intervention.

We’re doing things differently to ensure you get the inspection and data you need!