Unparalleled protection with every inspection

Introducing the all-in-one inspection package with a full-year warranty that provides repair or replacement of equipment deemed functional during inspection.

Inspection + Warranty

Where assurance meets affordability

A new Standard

In home inspections

In the dynamic world of real estate, Inspectify leads with a groundbreaking Inspection + Warranty package. For the cost of just a home inspection, experience the cutting-edge service that merges meticulous property evaluation with the promise of protection–guaranteeing peace of mind for a full year post-inspection. This isn't just an inspection; it's an investment in certainty.

Embedded Warranty

Your safety net for sudden breakdowns

Our Inspection Warranty is not just an add-on–it's integrated into our comprehensive service, assuring repair or replacement for key household systems. The result is as seamless safety net that mitigates surprises and secures your assets, giving you and your clients the confidence to proceed with transactions, backed by a year of unwavering support.

Exclusive Benefits

Tailored to your needs

With Inspectify, you gain more than a service–you gain a partner. Our white-glove approach handles all scheduling and logistics, while our complementary repair cost estimates and Rehab Tool empower your decision-making process. Inspectify equips you with data-driven tools and unparalleled guidance from pre-closing negotiations to post-sale planning

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the warranty?

The warranty does not cost anything extra as it comes with your Inspectify home inspection as a value-added benefit and service. Currently, the warranty is only available in select states and is not available as a separate purchase.

When does the coverage start? How long is the coverage?

The warranty is effective for one year from the inspection date, assuming you have closed on the property and are the owner.

What is covered?

The Inspectify Limited Warranty Home Inspection covers certain equipment and systems in your house. Eligible equipment generally includes the following types of equipment that have been inspected, are deemed functional, have a photograph with a manufacturer’s nameplate, and are referenced in your inspection report:

  • Water Heater;
  • Refrigerator;
  • Dishwasher;
  • Range/Cooktop;
  • Oven;
  • Clothes Washer;
  • Clothes Dryer;
  • Microwave;
  • Central Air Conditioning Equipment;
  • Heat Pump;
  • Furnace;
  • Boiler (Condensing or Electric);
  • Water Softener;
  • Boiler (Hot Water, Steam or Cast Iron);
  • Electrical Panel; and
  • Whole House Generator (Permanently Installed).

Who services the claim(s)? What vendors can be used?

Use your trusted service provider for equipment repair or replacement.

Where is the warranty? How can I file a claim?

It’s embedded in your inspection report and you can begin the claims process from there. If you need help finding your inspection report, see our help article.

How long will it take until the problem is resolved after a claim is filed?

Claim processing times vary based on complexity and other variables. The majority of claims are resolved within 30 days.

Are older appliances covered?

Appliances, no matter their age, are covered as long as they were properly installed, deemed functional at the time of inspection and noted as such on the inspection report.

What states is the warranty available?

Currently, the Inspectify Inspection Warranty is active in the following US states:
Arizona, Utah, and Washington.

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Do you use licensed inspectors?

Yes, our inspectors meet state requirements and are insured.

Inspection + Warranty = Peace of Mind