Watch Inspectify CEO Josh Jensen explain how agents can use inspections to protect their clients

October 22, 2022

Last month, Inspectify and Revive presented the webinar "Agent Superhero: How to Protect Your Clients," hosted by our CEO and co-founder Josh Jensen and Revive Head of Operations Jessica Morrow.

If you weren't able to attend on September 21st, we have the full recording below. Watch to find out how the property inspection, long viewed as a major hindrance to transactions, can actually help you provide better value and protection to your clients.


With mortgage rates rising, buyers need more cash on hand than ever before to purchase even a modest property. After the transaction is complete, the average buyer doesn't have room financially for surprise repairs or hidden issues in their new home. Getting an inspection before closing reveals all of a home's dirty little secrets, so your client can make an informed decision before making the biggest investment of their life. Plus, when you book through Inspectify, the inspection can be scheduled and completed within a week. Inspectify leverages our nationwide network of qualified, vetted inspectors working on our proprietary inspection software to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for agents and buyers.


As buyers are forced to be more choosy about their potential new home, sellers can stand apart from the rest of the market by providing their own inspection report to potential buyers. Sellers can also work with Revive to make cost-effective repairs and renovations to their homes with the specific intent of increasing sale value before putting their home on the market. What sweetens a pricy home transaction more than showing off a brand new water heater, basement conversion or re-shingled roof? 


If you're an agent or broker who wants to learn how Inspectify can help you close transactions and provide greater value to your clients, don't hesitate to reach out to our team at or book your first inspection online in just a few clicks.