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Top 3 reasons you NEED to do pre-listing inspections

July 2, 2021

It’s no secret… every real estate agent knows home inspections are a must. And, every great realtor knows that pre-listing inspections are the key to helping homes sell faster, and for more money.

While some agents and sellers are wary of disclosing the issues with a house, more agents are recommending a pre-listing inspection. But despite the many benefits, not many sellers opt to get one.

How is a pre-listing inspection different?

Technically, a pre-listing inspection is the same as a standard home inspection. But, instead of waiting for the buyer to order one in the due diligence period, the seller preemptively has an inspection performed before the house goes on the market.

During the pre-listing inspection, the home inspector will evaluate the property’s condition and document any defects found along the way. Armed with that detailed report, the seller can then assess and repair their home as needed.

Here’s how taking a proactive approach to the inspection can help:

1:  Getting to the closing table

The offer is made and accepted. The buyers are throwing down some serious cash and will want to know the condition of their big investment. That’s when they will likely get a home inspection. If the seller hasn’t had a pre-listing inspection, they may be in for a big surprise—stopping the deal in its tracks.

Pre-listing inspections help the seller repair any issues with the home before it goes on the market. That way, there won’t be a need for negotiations to drag on or for a deal to fall through the cracks.

2: Bigger final sale price

Did you know buyers use inspections to decrease the final sale price by an average of $14,000? With a pre-listing inspection, the seller can prepare their home to be in tip-top shape and take away that bargaining chip from the buyer. This leaves the seller with an upper hand and less reason to budge on the sale price.

Not making concessions on the price puts more money in the seller’s pocket and doesn’t chip away at the agent’s commission.

3: Sell faster with better offers

At Inspectify, we’re doing things differently by creating even more value from pre-listing inspections. We created a product called Inspection Protection that will help homes sell faster than ever. Inspection Protection helps market and generate leads for listings while simplifying the home sale process, closing deals faster, and giving buyers confidence and peace of mind.

Homes sold with Inspection Protection spend 45% less time on the market and buyers are 4-5x more likely to waive their inspection contingency.

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