Do I need a home inspection before a renovation?

October 24, 2022

Short answer: yes, you definitely need to have your home inspected before doing a renovation. Long answer: you should also have your home inspected while the renovation is in progress and after it is completed. Failing to have your home properly inspected could result in a variety of costly consequences. You might go over budget due to improperly scoping the project from the onset. Your local government can even force you to tear down the renovation if it violates zoning and/or building regulations. These situations can be avoided with a proper home inspection before, during and after major renovations.

With construction costs at their highest ever, don’t let cut corners ruin your renovation project. Having a professional inspector view the home before, during and after construction will help build the scope of your rehab project, ensure the work is being performed correctly and adhering to SOPs, and confirm that the completed reno is structurally or materially sound.

Use a home inspection before a renovation to build your scope of work

You wouldn’t just start making major changes to your car without having a mechanic look under the hood first, right? Getting a property inspection before starting renovations is a lot similar. Before you go knocking walls down or ripping out fixtures, get the property assessed– you could end up learning important information about the home!

A pre-renovation inspection might, for instance, tell you the wall you wanted to tear down is actually a structural support. Or you could learn your electric system will have to be rewired to support the new LED lights you want to install. Finding out these details before work begins helps you prepare a more accurate scope of work and budget, preventing costly mistakes down the road.

Inspectify recently launched a rehab tool that works directly from the data in your Inspectify inspection report. Utilizing that data and our free repair estimates, the tool lists all needed repairs and builds a scope of work for your renovation. You and your collaborators can work together from the tool, syncing changes to the scope, pricing and to-do list in real time so everyone stays on the same page. Please email to learn more about the rehab tool.

Use a home inspection during a renovation to ensure quality work

While work is ongoing, bring in a property inspector to survey the changes to mechanical systems, roof, basement and other structural elements to be sure the work is being performed properly and to code. Unsafe or unsound work should be stopped immediately and rectified. It is much better to end work that is not up to par before it is completed (and before you might have already paid for it!). Otherwise, you lose time and money having to start all over again.

Use a home inspection after a renovation to close building permits and avoid legal objections

Some cities and municipalities require an inspection at the end of construction in order to close open building permits. But even if you’re not required to submit a faultless inspection report, it is in your best interest to have the completed work inspected for safety and adherence to local code. Having the report can also be handy if any legal issues arise, such as a contractor complaining of underpayment for the work done, or if your homeowner’s association complains the work doesn’t adhere to their requirements.

Inspectify is your partner for the lifecycle of your home. From purchase to renovation to sale, our inspectors can uncover all there is to know about your home– including all you need to improve and maintain it.  Book an inspection with Inspectify and meet your home for the first time.